Who are we

From 2017

We have constantly worked hard to merge our sport with a youthful, dynamic and high-performance lifestyle style, highly qualitative and the bearer of strong values.

From us directly for you

We work without intermediaries with volleyball clubs to convey our articles, guaranteeing maximum transparency, agile and immediate communication and products of the highest quality.

We believe in the power of our community and in the strength of our manufacturers, with whom we create clothing lines designed for volleyball players, from leisure time to team-wear.

We organize events and collaborate with athletes who, like us, believe in a different way of experiencing volleyball.

We recognize the crucial role of volleyball companies for the entire movement and we support them at every stage in creating value and providing service to their athletes through our products.

Designed in Italy

We are proudly an Italian company with strong roots in fashion, design and product development. Our area of ​​birth is Riva del Garda, in Trentino Alto Adige, one of the sportiest regions in Italy. We are tied to our territory and its way of conceiving sport.


Each garment is checked in our atelier in Riva del Garda, regardless of the country of origin. we work daily with partners who meet the highest and fairest labor standards.


From us directly for you. We work directly with players, clubs and sportsmen to guarantee the highest quality and product performance, with a search for cutting-edge and innovative materials
We meet your every need. Book a demo, get personalized advice based on your teams needs.