Scuola Pallavolo Biellese

SPB stands for Scuola di Pallavolo Biellese. The goal is to grow a youth sector capable of playing with great ambitions! In September 2018 SPB gives itself legal status and took over from president Osvaldo Ansermino the affiliation code of Biella Volleyball at the Italian Volleyball Federation and collects more than ninety athletes from under 12 to the men’s C series.

“We decided to get a makeover this year and who better to help us than a company like ninesquared? We wanted to bring all the beauty and strength of our niche to the field. We wanted an image that would show how special this little niche in the mountains is and imprint it in the minds of those who meet our path. We have chosen completely new colors that combined together create an elegant yet eye-catching style”.

Caterina Coppa
Manager and coach, SPB

Biella Volleyball School, thanks to ninesquared will also have an online e-commerce with customized products without pre-stock obligation. Ninesquared not only aims at excellence in quality but also at style. It doesn’t matter what league you play in it matters who your sponsor is.