Ninesquared For The World

The green | Equal attitude

Italian sartorial products 100% customizable in all aspects, including fabrics and fit, for your needs.

Ninesquared focuses on promoting and further developing forms of volleyball that are compatible with nature and the environment. This “green” attitude starts from the production of the products, up to your home.

At Ninesquared we make conscious choices, which start from the creation of high quality sustainable garments, designed to last a long time while maintaining their technical characteristics unaltered. We produce in a way that affects the environment as little as possible.

Ninesquared believes in building a world where everyone, in every country, has an equal opportunity to play volleyball.

That’s why we support this project!

our goal is zero waste, zero polluting materials, zero CO2 emissions to protect the future of volleyball.

Towards change, together as a team!


Recycled polyester

Plastic becomes clothing

The plastic problem is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.
At ninesquared, we use recycled polyester to produce our windstopper and as a complement to organic cotton in our hoodies.
One jacket allows you to recycle 7-8 PET plastic bottles.
And to ensure that our sweatshirts feel nice and soft against the skin, the polyester is not in direct contact with the skin, but sandwiched between two layers of organic cotton.


0% waste – 100% recyclable

The actual product is only part of the environmental footprint left by a company like Ninesquared. We’re not satisfied with just looking at how our products are made.
We are constantly looking for other ways to have a positive impact on the environment. This includes our packaging, which is recycled or recyclable.
If you have already placed an order, you already know this. We use paper tape to seal our cartons and recycled plastic where possible to create the packaging of kneepads etc.

Zero plastic

100% recycled or recyclable

100% Compostable

Organic cotton

…is better for the planet

Growing organic cotton ensures that no chemical insecticides, fertilizers or pesticides end up in the soil or adjacent rivers, lakes or seas. This also means that the water used for organic farming is not considered waste, as it can be reused many times without causing any damage. The overall positive effect on water, animals and biodiversity means that the welfare of cotton farmers and their communities is respected and protected.

…is better for the people

Organic cotton avoids any kind of pesticide poisoning which can lead to multiple health problems and even death. According to the United Nations, 200,000 people die each year from toxic exposure to pesticides worldwide. In addition, waste from organic cotton production is recycled for the animal food industry, making vegetable waste useful.

Dangerous chemicals and pesticides

Protects farmers from disease

Let’s keep the ball flying

LKTBF’s goal is to connect and expand the global volleyball family by harnessing the power of volleyball as an engine of social development for communities that need it most.

Give new life to old volleyball products you no longer use