Slovenia National Federation

Three times on the European podium, as of November 2021, Slovenia isĀ ranked 8th in the FIVB world rankings. The teams of the Slovenian volleyball federation have grown surprisingly, and year after year they prove to be more and more in line with the values of the brand that from 2021 will represent them: ninesquared. It’s not just a sponsorship deal, there’s much more to it than that.

“When we talk about national teams, our goals are high. We always want to provide athletes with the best working conditions to achieve the best results. The Ninesquared brand follows our ambitions, as it stands out both in terms of quality and trendy looks. An attractive look always attracts the interest of the public and fans. We had a very wide variety of products available, we certainly stood out both on and off the field.”

Gregor Humerca
Secretary General, Slovenian Volleyball Federation

A series of victories marked by determination and motivation, says team captain Tine Urnaut. There is no lack of appreciation for the products of the new technical sponsor with whom he marked his 200th presence in the national team.

“I am happy with the equipment, during game activities I found it very comfortable. It accompanied us on all our trips reflecting the grit and determination that has always characterized the team. We have started to write a good story together and we hope it will continue with success.”

Tine Urnaut
captain of Slovenian Volleyball National Team