Cuneo Granda Volley

Passion, tenacity and determination: these are the ingredients that are at the base of the volleyball history of Cuneo Granda Volley. With deep roots and thirty years of history, it is the first club that plays in the A1 series to believe in the new 100% volleyball brand: ninesquared.

“It was a bet, as we were the first professional team to sign with the brand. We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made, both from a product and service perspective. They listened to our needs closely and created products specifically for girls, unlike the standard products we were offered in past years. Their speed and flexibility in sourcing made us their first but most satisfied customers. It was a gamble and a great surprise!”

Paolo Cornero
General Director, Cuneo Granda Volley

Cuneo Granda Volley was the first team to which ninesquared decided to offer as a service the creation of a customized online ecommmerce with graphics and custom products Cuneo Granda Volley. In this way the company is able to get even closer to all members and fans. It is not only an online shop but a platform where volleyball fans can meet.