During the long period from 1978 to today, there have been many successes obtained by Pallavolo C9 Arco-Riva, both at first team level and in the youth sector. In the eighties it won a multitude of provincial and regional titles and often participating in the national finals of the category. Confirmed as one of the most important societies in the entire region, it boasts the silver quality mark for the women’s and men’s sectors with a number of members that is around 450 athletes.

That’s right, we were the first company ever to sign with ninesquared. We thought the quality of the products was great and the price was extremely competitive, so there was no reason to refuse. Being close to the operational headquarters, we accepted this collaboration. For us, ninesquared was and is an important reference point. Formed by young entrepreneurs moved by passion, they helped us not only in the choice of new products but also in creative choices, such as the redesign of our logo for merchandising. In short, special treatment that we haven’t found in any other company we’ve worked with.”

Massimo Chizzola
President, C9

C9 for the first time, thanks to ninesquared will also have an online e-commercewith customized products without pre-stock obligation. Ninesquared aims not only at excellence in quality but also at style. It doesn’t matter what level you play at it matters who your sponsor is.